"When a song comes on the radio, tap your foot and sing another song to that beat." These are the words often spoken to apprentices of DJ Pockets. In the 70's there was no one to say that to DJ Pockets. One sunny afternoon in August 1976 Pockets was at a block party watching the DJ to see what it was that he was doing with the record. Pockets didn't understand what the theory was behind pulling the record backwards. It wasn't long before this sharp youngster caught on. Pockets was a name that was aquired in 1981. Pockets got his name because he would show up at work and pull all kinds of snacks and sodas out of his many pockets, hood, and even the sleeves of his coat. "Damn, you've got a lot of pockets" was the phrase. Now Pockets is the name. DJ Pockets calls his career as a DJ a very interesting one. DJ Pockets has played at many local bars and motorcycle clubs in addition to playing for affairs such as wedding receptions, birthday parties, christenings and anything you can think of. A well remembered highlight in the career of DJ Pockets is when he was the house DJ at Club 88 in Brooklyn, NY. During that time he met many people as well as celebrities. In 2008 DJ Pockets joined forces with Twizzle The RL, DJ Demo, DJ Barry Blends & DJ F.A.M.E. to form The Demolition Crew DJ's along with DJ Omar E, DJ Basiq, International DJ Tommy Lee & DJ Romeo who all joined the group at a later date. As a member of the crew Pockets went on to demolish dance floors at such venues as Garfield's Lounge, Brooklyn Crossroads Supper Club, Sylvia's Also & Bklyn Skates.